Pic of selfHello! I’m Bradley Phipps. I am currently studying for an MA in US History/Politics at UCL. My historical interest is in white resistance to racial integration. This area makes links to the concept of respectability politics and the emerging field of whiteness studies. I hope to conduct research on the White Citizens’ Councils, which formed to defend segregation in the wake of the Brown v. Board Supreme Court ruling.

Other interests include the politics of education in the US. In particular, past and present battles over history curriculum and the way American history is framed to students. History is never neutral; the topics which are taught – or not taught – and the way the narrative is framed is vital to the way Americans understand their nation, shaping politics and society. To quote George Orwell, ‘who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past’.


‘Tyranny, Traitors, and Whiteness: the Use of Shame by the White Citizens’ Councils’. Paper presented at the UCL JFIGs conference on Shame, March 2015.

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